10 Things Non-Natural Insect Repellents Break Down

When we think of bug repellents we usually think of chemically scented sprays that linger in the air just long enough to make us splutter & cough… we never really pay much attention to whether they work or not, we just expect them to.

When NoBites™ was in the conception stage, we wanted to make sure that our natural insect repellent was free of chemicals and filled with goodness for your skin and those around you, to help make spending time outdoors enjoyable without the bites!

Unlike many traditional repellents, NoBites™ is DEET free. What most consumers don’t realise is that DEET is an extremely abrasive, harsh and intrusive chemical that breaks down or dissolves common, everyday items that contain plastics, acetate, rayons, synthetic fibres, paints/varnishes or treated leather.

Here are 10 common things that DEET will begin break down or dissolve in as little as 12 hours:

1. Nail Polish 

2. Fake Tan

3. Fishing, Camping & Hiking gear

4. Car Paint

5. Synthetic or treated fabrics (i.e. Gore-tex jackets, Fishing shirts, Waterproof clothing, Hiking boots)

6. Sunglass Frames & Lense coatings

7. Outdoor Plastic Furniture

8. Wooden Table Varnish

9. Super Glue

10. Non-metal Wrist Watches 

When shopping for your next insect repellent, try NoBites™ our 100% natural insect repellent spray. We are just as, if not more effective than DEET and we don’t contain any harsh chemicals. NoBites™ lasts over 6 hours and can be used on children, pregnant women, around pets and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

We’re approved by the APVMA and our unique formula is backed by WHO & CDC.

Invest in your health while helping nature by using NoBites.

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