To have NoBites™ in every household, both in Australia and around the world. To improve the quality of life for families—wherever their day takes them. Using our groundbreaking and environmentally sustainable products, we are committed to providing a safer alternative: An insect repellent free of harmful chemicals.


To provide all Australian families with a safe and effective insect repellent that is kind to people and the environment. So that everyone can enjoy outdoor activities, anywhere, without worrying about biting insects and the chemical reactions associated with sub-standard, personal insect repellents.

The "take-along" for all your adventures, from home to where you roam..

Natural.. Plant-based..

And, it works...

Meet the NoBites™ Team

Katie Clibbon – Founder

Katie started her career in Biomedical Science, studying at Griffith University in 2003, and has been actively involved in industry related business and marketing roles for 10 years. Kate’s passion for environmental protection and avid interest in outdoor activities were the catalysts for her career switch in 2016.

Believing that to be successful at work you need to enjoy what you do, and being a problem solver by nature, Kate applied her devotion for innovation and commitment to being at the forefront of change, along with her medical and business management aptitude, to work collaboratively with National and International scientific communities. The result was the pioneering & production of the most natural, effective, and scientifically proven personal insect repellent. But, that’s not the end of the story: Kate will continue in her quest to providing only the highest-quality products that are consumer, as well as environmentally safe.

Adam Dawson – Operations and Service

Originally from a small town in rural North-West NSW, Adam is passionate about all things outdoors, especially fishing! Throughout his diverse career, Adam has amassed many years of experience in the pest management industry, with his specialty being vector control.

Over the years, Adam has been involved with the drafting, reviewing, and implementation of vector management plans for both government and private enterprise. He has also responded to mosquito-borne disease outbreaks, both in Australia and the Pacific region. With his well-honed expertise in technology, customer relations, and knowledge of insect behavior, Adam is the key to our successful operations and service delivery for NoBites™ consumers.