3 Simple Ways To Be Sustainable At Home: Beginners Edition

If you’ve made the conscious decision to become more sustainable in the home here are 3 simple things you can do that are easy to implement, quick to achieve and incredibly helpful to the environment! 

  • Switch out your single use items and replace them with reusable alternatives.
  • Doing a simple swap will be the quickest and easiest way to adjust your sustainability status! Your paper towel can be replaced with reusable microfiber hand towels. The single use dish scrubbers can be replaced with high quality reusable sponges. Things like cling wrap and tin foil can be replaced with beeswax covers to prevent single use waste.

  • Replace chemicals with natural alternatives. 
  • A popular and easy way to be more eco-conscious is to get rid of the things that are unnatural in your home, like chemicals! By using natural washing detergent, dish cleaners, hand soaps and all purpose sprays you’re reducing the chemicals that are being flushed into the drain and pumped back out into the natural waterways. An obvious choice is to replace personal care items with their natural opposites, things like insect repellents, face wash, deodorant and air fresheners are all things that cause more harm than good. 

  • Pay attention to items that can be recycled.
  • Not all items can be recycled but more often than not you will be missing out on some important ones that can actually be turned into new products at the landfill stations! If you’re unsure which items can be recycled and which ones can’t be, look on the bottom of the item and search for these symbols: 

    NoBites Recycling

    For example, NoBites™ bottles will show the arrows with the #2 in the middle which means the bottles are able to be broken down naturally and made into new plastic products. You will find that most hair and beauty plastic items are able to be recycled, that’s one most people don’t know!

    While there are many more ways to help reduce your waste and help the environment, these 3 are the easiest to start with and the most sustainable to continue! 

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