FIFO work & Insect Repellents

As we come into the warmer months, a great deal of emphasis is continually placed on sun protection, hydration, regular breaks and general best practices for outdoor workers to ensure they keep themselves and their workmates safe and cool whilst working in hot and humid conditions.

Lately, we have been hearing quite a few stories from both FIFO and local workers from outback QLD to the Pilbara who tell us about their frustration with black flies covering their face and bodies as they try to go about their daily tasks. It can make tempers flare and concentration drift with each insect that lands. This obviously heightens the risk of workplace injuries and colleague confrontations.

We have also heard from international FIFO workers where projects they are working on take them to places such as Papua New Guinea and the Central and South Pacific regions, where the concern isn’t as much flies but the threat of contracting mosquito borne diseases such as Dengue Fever or Malaria which is prevalent in these tropical locations.

The general consensus to deal with these insects for years has been go straight for DEET based repellents, and with good reason, it is very effective!

 But with more and more research coming to light about DEETs possible neurological effects such as agitation, hypertonia and seizures in humans, Its beginning to come to peoples attention that it might be doing more harm than good.

 DEET also doesn’t score well in the environment. Its persistence and failure to break down in waterways and soils for up to 10 years and also the melting properties it displays on plastic and nylon gear leaves consumers wondering why they would put that on their skin.

There is a need safer alternative that is medically proven to work just as effectively as DEET.

NoBites active ingredient is an extract of lemon eucalyptus called PMD, which is the only natural extract recommended by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and backed by the (WHO) World Health Organisation to repel disease carrying mosquitoes and will perform at the same level as DEET without the side effects to the body or the environment.

If you have been considering or have been requested by employees to supply a DEET free insect repellent option as part of a PPE kit, we think that NoBites is definitely worth a look at.